One thing that many ecommerce business owners can agree on is that branching out your business to many different regions can only help your business grow, and that is the goal for many businesses that use the Shopify platform as well. This is one thing that we had envisioned when we had created the Advanced Store Localization add-on.

Optive Theme - Shopify 2.0 Preview

A new Shopify 2.0 theme is coming your way soon - our very own Optive Theme! We will be offering many features that have been long awaited and highly requested to be applied to your store!

Shopify Geolocation & Geotargeting

Geolocation technology can identify the location of the computer or mobile device user. This can be applied in a variety of ways, but the use for online retailers is particularly significant. Online stores have suffered in the past from lack of accessibility from various geographical areas.

Selling Cannabis Online

Canadian law allows businesses to sell cannabis online, but this is still a rapidly changing industry. It is also subjected to different operating rules than other businesses. Additional legislation is expected to appear on a regular basis, so being able to navigate these changes is essential for online cannabis businesses.