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Get your Wine & Liquor Store online quickly with a fully functional website.

Wine & Liquor Web StoreUnlike traditional product sales, there are specific rules for selling alcohol online.  Allowing consumers to view and purchase your products online is a smart way to attract new customers and drive repeat business. Of course, building a dynamic website that meets regulations and impresses media-savvy customers can be a tall order.

e-dimensionz Inc is a web development and design company that specializes in building revenue-driving websites for the selling alcohol online. Our goal is to help you show off what makes your online shop unique. 

Meeting unique requirements for online alcohol sales

Businesses that sell alcohol products occupy a unique place in the world of business. Your store needs a well-designed, easy-to-use website just like any other business. However, it also needs a robust ID verification system that stands up to government regulations + strong security. You need to protect customer data and payment information in order to build a good reputation.

Our Wine & Liquor Store Solution is a cost effective way to get a new Alcohol eCommerce site up and running, quickly and affordably. Our package gives our clients a professional looking web presence without the hassles. We call this the “no worries” package that’s great for small businesses and startups.

Age verification for online sales is difficult enough during Credit Card transactions, we have built features in our stores that work with legislation with Face-ID verification.

Every day we are working to expand our offerings to reduce your operating risk and allow you to focus more on marketing than compliance. Our features also streamline the ordering process for your customers so they can order, pay and just wait for their package.

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Packaged Solution:

Included in the cost, we'll brand, configure and package the site to allow you to host on your own server.  Our standard 6 month warranty is included.