WyldCode Voice Control Module - 1 year

$29.99 USD

1 year of free updates

As a unique Joomla extension, the Voice Control module allows your user to visit any page in your store simply by stating specific commands. Not only that, but it also includes a tutorial UI for first-time visitors to know voice commands are active, and gives suggestions on what to try! Is your store large? Maybe a bit complicated to navigate? Something as simple as "Go to About page" will send the user there, allowing a unique and fulfilling experience that can fit any store.

The Voice Control Module allows:

  • Unlimited custom commands for voice-activated navigation
  • Compatible with Chrome, Safari, and soon Edge!
  • JavaScript command actions based on voice activity
  • Site search interactive, utilizing your search with voice commands
  • Two unique interfaces to fit your store and theme perfectly
  • Customize your command prefixes and action prefixes, allowing you to be as professional or as casual as you'd like
  • A fully configurable hint box, showing commands or hiding commands for your users to see and interact with
  • Over 8 unique themes for your hint box to choose between
  • A tour mode to help guide users
  • Selection of which pages this feature is active on
  • ++ And Much More!

WyldCode’s modules are always made with love, and our customer service is always available to assist with configuration. Come try out this module and make it an addition to your website today.

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