Custom Contact Info for Joomla (1 year)

$24.99 USD 
1 year of free updates

A Joomla 4.x module geared to customize and automatically update contact information based on the day of the week, and the time of day. 1 Year Subscription.

With user-friendliness in mind, this module is easy to use and comes equipped with global time zone configuration. No matter where your business is based, you will be able to easily swap in and swap out your phone and email information based on the time of day instantaneously. You can be as specific as per-day, or have it update everyday, recurring - or even change your contact information on weekends! With this extension, anything is possible.

The Custom Contact Module comes equipped with:

  • Unlimited configurations with any specified times
  • Easy to use interface with setup in mere minutes
  • Display this module anywhere on your website
  • Recurring time configuration - setup once and you’re done!
  • Automatically Linkify your details for your clients or customers to easily click and contact, or leave them un-linked!
  • An easy drag-and-organize system for those who need to order their priorities
  • ++ And More!

WyldCode’s modules are always made with love, and our customer service is always available to assist with configuration. Come try out this module and make it an addition to your website today.

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