E-D Purolator for Hikashop - 6 months

$59.99 USD 
6 month term of free updates

$49.99 USD
6 month extension

The E-D Hikashop Purolator Shipping plugin is a full implementation of the Purolator rating plugin.

Supports the following features:

  • Development / Production mode settings
  • Purolator Package Rating Services Integration
  • 3D Box Packing algorithm for better shipping estimates
    • If package grouping is supported, the administrator can configure multiple different shipping box sizes
    • During the Rating process, the plugin will determine an efficient fit for using the optimal sizes and numbers of boxes to submit to Purolator for shipping and delivery date estimates
    • Configure a maximum weight each box can carry and that calculation will be taken into account when sorting items boxes as well Returns multiple options for user to pick from Add multiple Warehouses

Documentation & Changelog