Selling Cannabis Online

Canadian law allows businesses to sell cannabis online, but this is still a rapidly changing industry. It is also subjected to different operating rules than other businesses. Additional legislation is expected to appear on a regular basis, so being able to navigate these changes is essential for online cannabis businesses. 

Even with these risks, selling cannabis online is a lucrative and growing industry, so it makes sense to research the best website packages that will create a flexible and responsive user experience. 

The website layout and capabilities can affect your business’s ability to remain compliant while providing exceptional services to your customers. Modern consumers are technologically aware, so having a website that is capable of meeting their expectations is increasingly important. Your website also needs to be able to adapt to changes in the regulatory environment, and this can require a certain amount of preparation.

To capture the consumer’s attention and build interest, the website should display unique traits that distinguish your online dispensary from other competitors in the industry. This could be something as simple as a quickly updated product area, for example. It could also include an interesting backstory of how your company came into being.

Advantages of Cannabis Selling Online

Selling cannabis online has many advantages over a traditional physical store location. The online venue allows customers to discover you through search engines, article links, referrals and word-of-mouth. This can significantly lower marketing costs. The product sales and delivery process can be streamlined using modern technology, and this cuts down on the costs involved in getting product to your customers.

However, these advantages are somewhat offset by the need to have a robust security system on the site. Customers need to feel confident that the site has adequate security measures in order to protect their personal information and financial data. This confidence must be built through customer testimonials as well as the presence of security features that demonstrate your commitment to guarding the identity and privacy of each customer.

Cannabis websites are required to follow each regulation as it is legislated. This currently means that the website must have a solution for verifying identities. Security and privacy measures must exist within the context of sensitive data collection. If the website isn’t up to this task, the company could suffer or go out of business. Professionalism is a key to creating a web presence that is seen as reliable, safe and trustworthy.

Package Solution for Online Cannabis Sales

Online cannabis businesses must be ready for any changes in the regulatory environment to avoid coming into conflict with the ever-changing laws. However, no business owner wants to commit excessive company resources simply to maintain compliance. This can distract from the core activities of the company, and this situation can ultimately harm the revenues produced by the business.

There are several ways to deal with the situation. The most unappealing method is to simply split your time as a business owner between conducting core business activities and researching the newest laws to ensure that your site remains compliant. Another method is to use a website package service that bundles features into the package in a way that allows you to remain compliant without distracting you from your core business activities.

Key Features, Online Cannabis Sales

Packaging a complete online cannabis business website is the most efficient solution to this problem. This method is preferred by many online cannabis businesses because it gives you access to critical and core features. For example, you get a professional, well-designed site layout that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This is an essential feature for any business, but the online cannabis package also includes more industry-specific features. For example, the security features are robust, and this allows your business to generate consumer confidence.

The package solution also allows you to use industry-standard identity verification. This system is capable of withstanding scrutiny from government agencies, and the security protocols are enhanced to protect sensitive consumer information. Another benefit of the package solution is the cost-saving measures that are built into the system. This simply means that you won’t have to pay for each item separately, which could drive up the cost of doing business.

Additional features can be added as the regulatory environment changes. When you have a package solution for your online cannabis business, adapting to these changes will become effortless. Canada’s banking system is still going through a period of adjustment for things like age verification in the online market environment, for example. Package websites allow Face-ID in addition to secure payment solutions.

Packaged Solutions, Core Features

Packaging all the core features into the website will allow you to enjoy a more seamless experience of generating online sales for cannabis in Canada. The Managed Cannabis Web Store Package provides hosting, plug-in updates and security features for easy and reliable user experiences. The platform is integrated with AI, and free API access is included.

Core features include the following:

  • Age verification and identification confirmation: This option allows users to make purchases only after they provide identification through a mobile device or webcam. Test orders can be done to confirm the feature is working properly before launch.
  • Payment solutions: The payments are securely transferred using industry standard plugins for secure payment processing.
  • Discounting services: This feature is integrated into the package so that customers can enjoy bulk rates on product purchases. First-time buyers can also receive a discount on their first purchase.
  • Shipping solutions: The shipping feature allows you to engage in flat-rate shipping with reputable companies.

Integrated Site Features

Other features integrate into the site to allow you the best experience possible. This includes WordPress integration, branding, hosting and page standardization for your entire site. Custom features are also available, which allows you to customize and expand your operations over time. Training materials are also provided to allow you to learn how to update your site’s content, manage your products and perform other essential tasks.

Overall, this option saves both time and money, so consider a package solution for your online cannabis store in Canada today.


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