Optive Theme - Shopify 2.0 Preview

A new Shopify 2.0 theme is coming your way soon - our very own Optive Theme! We will be offering many features that have been long awaited and highly requested to be applied to your store!


These features include:

  • An interactive Map Widget
  •  Store Locator
  •  Multi-design selections
  •  Integrated reviews
  •  Product Bundler
  •  Extensive form builder
  •  A bunch of quality of life additions
And many more!
As the Online Store 2.0 rolls out for Shopify, this has allowed themes to have much more customization than before, making a 2.0 theme an easy decision when deciding on the next theme for your store! We have gathered information from store owners to integrate some of the most sought out features, and compiled them into one theme! Our theme will be ever-growing as well, as we add more features even after it has been released, and gather feedback from everyone along the way.
With our Modern, Bold, and Clean theme all compiled into one, allow yourself to pick whatever suits your shop best!
Currently, we don't have a set release for this theme, but we will be keeping you posted on our development. Stay in touch with us as we work hard to get this out to you as soon as possible!