What is the Advanced Store Localization App?

The Advanced Store Localization app is lightweight, makes minimal/reversible changes to a single theme file.

Instead of tediously configuring actions per-country, the 'Advanced Geo Functions' app allows you to organize countries into zones that can then be used to set rules. 

Each rule is set for all zones at once, providing a simple data entry interface. This rule set up allows multi-directional redirection with 1 row of settings.

Quickly configure rules to allow you do capture misdirected traffic and convert visitors by pointing them to products they can buy. Reduce visitor confusion by hiding products and other features of your store from those who shouldn't see it.

For each zone, you can:

  • Select a currency for the visitor
  • Hide the currency selector so the user doesn't change it
  • Allow for smart detection of user-preferred currency. If  user chooses a currency manually, allow them to keep it.
  • Select which products a user sees
  • Select which page a user sees
  • Block visitors based on country
  • Advanced template analyzer finds elements of your site
  • Multi-Store redirection based on country
  • Reorganize content on the page to mask nasty localization effects

This app is privacy friendly:

  • No private information stored on our servers about your store except primary email address
  • Only public information is stored about your store to reduce API requests (i.e. active  currencies, active products)
  • Other settings stored: Your configuration information entered on the App Settings page
  • The App Settings (Admin) page uses/requires a session cookie for security
  • The front-end script uses no cookies or sessions whatsoever. 

 The only information stored about visitors is their IP, User Agent and the store they are visiting. This information is stored in a cache for session handling. It's cleared after session expiry.