Region Contacts

Many stores have region-specific contact information like phone, fax or toll-free number, and email addresses.

Instead of creating separate contact pages for each visitor, you can create a single contact page that will modify itself when a visitor from a target zone visits it.

First identify the information you want to replace. Then, make sure the text you will be replacing is identical to the text on your pages, otherwise the API will not be able to identify the values for your visitors and may not display the information correctly.

Only enter values in the fields if it is different than what is currently being displayed on your store. You can include any text you would like the data to be replaced with.

TIP: For security you can add fake phone numbers and email addresses as placeholders on your public store pages and use this feature to replace them with real values. Spammers phone and email scrapers will see the fake values on your page while real visitors will see the proper values.

You can also add extra information to the text box that will be displayed alongside the phone numbers or email addresses.

If you would like the phone numbers and email addresses to be turned into links. Select the options at the bottom of the page

Visitors to the page that are on their phones or have VoIP software installed on their computers will conveniently be able to click to call you instantly, instead of having to copy+paste the values. 

Click "Save Contacts Configuration" once you are ready to save.

To enable/disable Region Contacts, click the toggle button next to Feature Status at the top of the page.