Products Configuration

To toggle this feature, you can click the "Enable/Disable" button at the top of the page. You can do this once you have configured your product relations and are ready to activate the feature on your store.

Products Configuration

There is a column here for every zone you created, except for the one indicated in as a Block Zone (if any).

Begin by typing names of your products  in the empty box.

Products Configuration

All products in your store are searchable here. 

Click the X beside a product field to clear the value. This is not a drop down, it is a dynamic search field. 

If you have added/modified products that aren't showing up in the search boxes, you can click "Refresh Your Products List from Shopify".

Thumbnail images are displayed when a product is selected.

When a visitor arrives reaches a page with any of the products on the list (that is not defined in their zone), they are redirected to the related product in their zone. 

If not, the product is defined for a visitor's zone and they will be redirected to the home page.

Products that don't appear on this list are unaffected and visitors will be able to view them.

As you enter information on the last blank fields, new rows will be added to the bottom of the list. You can delete existing rows by clicking the Delete button at the end of the row. Blank rows are cleared when the form is saved.

Product Removal

Further to redirection, products that are not available to visitors based on their zones are dynamically removed from your pages for them while they browse, providing a very localized experience.

Click Save Products Configuration when you are satisified with your entries.