Region Redirects

Redirect controls allow you to redirect visitors on a zone basis by URL.  You can access Region Redirects from the Localization setting of the drop-down menu in the left sidebar and can be enabled by clicking the "Enabled/Disabled" button near the top of the page.



How do I set it up?

Here, you'll be able to define URLs per named zone. If a URL is in this list in the Zone One column, a visitor will only be able to visit it (without a redirect) if they are in the listed zones. If a zone is left blank, a visitor from that zone will be redirected to the store homepage.
Important: These take precedence over other redirects!

URLs can be entered as full URLs (including https:// and the domain) or Absolute URLS (just the path component). For example:

  • /products/jam-jar-us-only

You can also use this feature to create region-specific homepages. For example, setting one of the regions to / and the other regions to a specific page:

  • Canada: /
  • US: /pages/us-homepage
  • EU: /pages/eu-homepage



Click Save URLs Configuration to save your changes!


Deleting filters

Filters can be removed by clicking the red "Delete" button at the end of a row.



Still, need help? Please do not hesitate to click the red "Help Me" button at the top of the app interface!