Shopify Geolocation updated: 03/2022

Shopify Geolocation App: Advanced Store LocalizationReduce visitor confusion by tailoring your online shop directly for their region. This app introduces unprecedented level of localization control to Shopify.  The ease-of-use interface, coupled with powerful features, can work with almost any template. 

The Advanced Store Localization app is lightweight, makes minimal/reversible changes to a single Shopify theme file. Instead of tediously configuring actions per-country, the Advanced Store Localization app for Shopify allows you to organize countries into zones that can then be used to set rules for country-specific products, pages, & currency based on the visitor IP address. 

Each rule is set for all zones at once, providing a simple data entry interface. This rule set up allows multi-directional redirection with 1 row of settings.

Quickly configure rules to allow you do capture misdirected traffic and convert visitors by pointing them to products they can buy. Reduce visitor confusion by hiding products and other features of your store from those who shouldn't see it.

Advanced Geolocation App for Shopify

Advanced Store Localization - shopify location based products

Advanced Store Localization User Guide

2.0 Update Coming Live Soon!

Expect many new features coming your way in our User Experience Update! We will be completely reworking the UI and allowing for a much more friendly experience for each user, new and old. Allow yourself to be guided through the experience, only toggle features you plan on using, and keep all the advanced settings separate from the settings you need to worry about. Look forward for more information regarding this update with a completely new and reworked design and UI from the ground-up!

If you would like to make any suggestions for features, contact us and let us know!

Advanced Store Localization Features:

Product Filtering
Limit what users can view on your website based on the country they are located. Filtering can be assigned to countries or even specific states and provinces for  Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, UK. Simplify what your visitors see with some easily customizable collection and product filtering!

Country Selector 
Allow your visitors to easily select which country they want to view from your store. Give your customers a chance to purchase products or gifts overseas to send to their friends or family. Our country selector will style automatically, adapting to your theme.

Stock & Inventory Based On Region
If you have inventory or products that are in stock at some warehouse locations but not others, Advanced Store Localization will show these products as out of stock based on the IP of the customer. Reliable and customizable, you can hide products that are out of stock or allow customers to purchase products when sold out.

Store-Wide Region Modification
Modify each zone you create to make your store a unique experience for any country. You can hide options, newsletters, product blocks and collections, and promote upsells. Target your store to specific countries with a simple layout modifier.

Contact Information Based on Region / IP
If you have multiple addresses, numbers, or emails for your business, Advanced Store Localization geolocation can dynamically change these display the contact information based on the IP or domain of the site visitor. You can input any word or number verbatim and have it automatically altered based on your preferences.

Redirection Based On IP
Send your customers to the proper pages and collections with our extensive redirect feature. Once redirect rules are configured, the site visitor will be redirected to the page you've assigned based on geolocation, making your store look and feel more like a local business worldwide. 

NEW - Speed Optimizations
Advanced Store Localization comes geared with new speed optimization, making filtering and redirects load at speeds that are much more friendly for SEO and your customers.

COMING SOON - Variant Filtering based on IP
If you have multiple variants of one product and some variants are out of stock, Advanced Store Localization will prevent customers from purchasing or proceeding to checkout with those variants. The Variant Filtering feature will be supported for most Shopify Themes.

COMING SOON - Friendly Names for Layouts
Allow yourself to easily find and modify any block or section you want hidden with this upcoming feature! Similar to the Contacts section, each section will allow a naming scheme for easily finding and identifying what needs to be replaced!

& Much More!

A variety of geolocation features all geared towards your store. Advanced Store Localization is completely customizable for each country with very accurate geolocation technology. Try our app with a 7 day free trial.

  • Filter products by URL fragments (suffix)
  • Filter products by warehouse/location (Will need to accept new App permissions from the "Locations" section of the app)
  • Configurable region and country selector rendering (Beta)
  • Option to remove "Add to Cart" button instead of removing product when filtered
  • Tags can now be used to create exclusive filters
  • Hide entire page sections based on zones in the "Layout" section
  • Filtering Products by Collection, Type, Vendor, Tags
  • Multi-Domain feature
  • Zero Configuration Currency switching. You no longer need to configure special currency switcher information to make switching work. In fact, you don't need to have a currency switcher at all (although still require currencies added to your store through Shopify)
  • Execute custom JavaScript per region
  • Simulator. The simulator will allow you to see an overview of your configuration as well as checking each product to see how your configuration is being interpreted
  • State/Province support for Canadian, US, Australian and New Zealand zones
  • Select which products a user sees
  • Select which page a user sees
  • Block visitors based on country
  • Select a currency for the visitor
  • Hide the currency selector so the user doesn't change it
  • Allow for smart detection of user-preferred currency.
    • If  user chooses a currency manually, allow them to keep set currency.
  • Redirect visitors to different stores if you have more than one domain to serve global regions
  • Reorganize content on the page to mask nasty localization effects
  • Show / Hide sections by region
  • Redirect between region-equivalent products and collections
  • Show region-specific contact information to  your visitors (phone number, email)

Learn more about how geolocation and location based products can help Shopify stores and improve online sales.

Advanced Store Localization is privacy friendly:

  • No private information stored on our servers about your store except primary email address
  • Only public information is stored about your store to reduce API requests (i.e. active  currencies, active products)
  • Other settings stored: Your configuration information entered on the App Settings page
  • The App Settings (Admin) page uses/requires a session cookie for security

The only information stored about visitors is their IP, User Agent and the store they are visiting. This information is stored in a cache for session handling. It's cleared after session expiry.

Featured Reviews from Shopify Stores

Goodiebox Shop
Goodiebox Shop
If you have one store with multiple currencies, multiple languages, or different markets to show different layouts with the best service of developers then this app is for you. I found this app very interesting for my store and very useful. Their development team is super helpful and always available. Thanks for all your hard work.
Impressive app!! It solves a ton of e-commerce issues and needs. You can run one shop for several countries and still offer to each country a specific content, contacts, currencies, information,... It's the perfect tool to sell globally and serve locally. Very impressive.
This app stands head and shoulders above the other currency conversion and product blocking apps in the Shopify store. Not only did it allow us to modify products and pricing automatically based on location, but it also allowed us to target specific layout elements based on location as well. And the best part is that our site did not slow down AT ALL after installing the app.
B Unique Millinery
B Unique Millinery
I have always been looking for an app which permits product restriction based on geo location. the product does exactly want is required, and the flexibility for home-page layout based on geo is ideal .. support from Devon has been exceptional .. timely .. with me in Australia and him in Canada.
We are using this app for multi currency and localization. It's been a great app so far doing exactly what we need it to do. Alex the dev helped us implement everything we needed. He is super fast in replying and cooperating. I think this has been the best app customer service I've ever encountered. Thank you Alex for all your help!
Elemental Formulations
Elemental Formulations
I used this app to work around the disappointing shortfall of Shopify when you are using multiple warehouses to store and fulfill orders. It required additional help from the developer to function for my custom requirements, but I am happy to say it is a functional workaround.
WOW! If i could rate this app, and the developers more than 5 stars I absolutely would!! This app, and the team at e-dimensionz level of support far exceeds expectation, more that I would ever imagine. Alex has been incredible and has helped with configuration.
Louis Mulcahy Pottery
Louis Mulcahy Pottery
WOW! What great customer service. Walked us through store setup and was able to problem solve a major issue for us. Thanks so much, brilliant app with remarkable capabilities and customer service second to NONE. Is it possible to give 6 stars?
Basic State
Basic State
Absolutely AMAZING! This app does exactly what I need and better still, the help team (Alex) was next level! After explaining what I needed (in novice speak) Alex had it all set up and running in minutes for me. Thank you so much guys - your support is A1.
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