System/App Status

General settings is where basic settings are located, such as enabling/disabling our app, jquery, checking the main domain for your store, and setting your usage quota warning level.  It can be accessed from the drop-down menu in the left sidebar, under the "General" section.



Enabling the App 


This is where our app is enabled. 

IMPORTANT:  If you have made changes to your template, be sure to disable and re-enable our app to ensure the changes are loaded.



Enabling jQuery


Clicking the top button activates our app by adding a single, easily removable script into your theme.liquid file, which is the main template file your Shopify store uses.



Main Store Domain


If you update your store domain or if it"s not being detected after your account has been activated, you can have the app retrieve your account information by clicking the blue "Refresh Your Store link List from Shopify" button. This is required for the feature to work as the app detects the visitor"s domain to make the interactions work.



Quota Warning


The Quota warning field sets the level of quota usage before an email is dispatched to you to inform you that you may be approaching your usage limit.   If more credits are required, you can upgrade your subscription from the Your Subscription page from the Main Menu.



Still, need help?  Please do not hesitate to click the red "Help Me" button at the top of the app interface.