Hiding/Redirecting Products

This section of our guide will go over how to hide and replace products depending on how you'd like your product-zone relationships set up. This is a much more specific and top level setting. The settings you define in here will override any other settings you have enabled. Like for example, collection configuration. If a product within the collection is listed and configured here, this will take priority.

Note: if you run into any products that are showing when you don't want them to, this section is a good place to check for any mistakes or conflictions.

Redirecting Products:

To redirect products, the process is very easy and simple, and the settings are very user-friendly. First, go into the ASL app and select the Product Filtering dropdown menu, and click on Products. From here, you'll notice a grid with all of the zones you've configured, as shown as below.

Make sure you properly label your product SKU's so you'll be able to find the products easily. I find ending a SKU with the region you want to be an easy way to configure this. Click on the [Select a product] heading within the grid under the region. Here, you can either type in the SKU, or the product name itself and the products matching your keywords will show below. It'll also show the SKU if you search based on product name alone. 

Select the product within your region, and then go across the grid to each zone you have configured and select where you want it to redirect to. If you have tomato soup within America, and within Canada, clicking on the product link will send them to the product intended for their region. Make sure once you've configured your settings, to click Save Products Configuration!


Hiding Products:

When filling out the region redirects for each zone on the grid, if you'd like for them to be sent back to the homepage after clicking on a product link and not show the product, just leave the product replacement filter empty for that zone. This is especially helpful if a consumer is sent a direct link to a product in your store, or they accidentally stumble on it with your store not allowing the product in their region.

If you'd like to delete a product configuration you have set up, you can scroll all the way to the right past your zones, and click the red Delete option. Once you're done setting up your products, it should take effect immediately! As always, remember to Enable the Feature once you're done configuring for it to apply to your store.