Remove Blocks For Different Regions

With ASL, one of the functions that makes our app so unique is the ability to easily customize your site to be unique to each region/zone you setup. You can change the look of the page, from the layout to the product list, and we'll be going over that here!

First thing you'll want to do is enter our app in the app list in your Shopify admin panel. Click on the Localization dropdown, and select LayoutThis section will rely heavily on your knowledge of using inspect elements and require zones being setup, which we went through in our Getting Started guide here.

By finding the CSS selector of a block, you can input the wrapper below and define which zones you'd like the selector to be visible for. Simply click the Zone beside the wrapper to toggle it between off (red X) and on (green checkmark). You can add as many CSS selectors as you'd like to remove blocks, making your site more clean and organized depending on the region your Shopify store is viewed in.

Note: When selecting your CSS selector, make sure that the selector is as specific as possible so you don't remove aspects of the page that you'll want to keep for other regions. 

With that, just make sure to save the layout configuration and enable the feature. That's all there is to it! If you need any further assistance, remember you can contact support by clicking the Help Me at the top of any page within the app.