Homepages for Different Regions

If you're looking to get your site setup so your homepage will differ depending on the region of the customer, this is where you can get that done! The process is a lot more simple than you may think. First, make sure you have at least one other homepage made for the region you want to set it up for, and take note of both the URL of that page (or more than one if you have multiple), and your current store homepage.

Entering the ASL app in your store, you'll be greeted with the 3 drop-down menu's on the side, listed as General, Product Filtering, and Localization. For now, you'll want to enter the Localization section of our app and click on Region Redirects.

You'll need to make sure you've defined zones for your store before you can set this up, but if you have already done so correctly, you should be able to see all of the zones you have created below, highlighted in green. As always, make sure you Toggle the Feature to enabled for you to make use of this, indicated with the green arrow below.

In the first box where it says Zone 1, this is where you'll put your default homepage. You can include the domain and http if you'd like, or just the path component. For example, you can use https://shoptest.com/pages/homepage, or just /pages/homepage. Make sure to include the forward slash when filling in Absolute URL's.

Next, you can go through each of the Zones you've created beside that and fill out each to the existing homepages for each region

This feature can be used as much as you'd like to replace any pages, products, collections, and more, with another page based on region. Even with the direct URL, your clients will be redirected to the appropriate page.

Thank you for using our ASL app! You can view more guides here, or an overview to our ASL app here. For any questions or support, you can reach us in the app itself using the ?! Help Me button at the top of each page.