Region Contact Configuration

Welcome to our short guide on how to set up region contacts!

First, you must know what this aspect of the app will do. It's something that is almost essential to all Shopify stores that are available in multiple regions. This will give you the option to change the contact information to your store customer and redirect them to the proper phone number, fax, e-mail address, and possibly even physical address if you own a physical location.

Getting Setup:

To get this set up, you'll first need to find the dropdown menu on the app screen that says Localization. After clicking on this, you'll be met with multiple new options - for this guide, you'll only need to focus on Contacts.

At the top, you'll be able to toggle this option to on or off. If you don't have any other contact information than one, or you want all clients to be redirected to one contact, you can ignore this.


In the column that shows Text value to replace, you will want to type in the exact text you will want to be replaced depending on the region. So for example, if your site shows the contact information as 555-444-5555, you will type it into the first column so the app knows what number to replace. You can do this for e-mail address, physical address, anything you'd like. Just make sure you copy it exactly as it appears on your site. This can be used for any text variations you'd like, as it's a string replacement feature. An example of how to set it up is below -- 

 The following columns will be the zones you've set up. If you haven't set up zones yet or are having trouble doing that, please visit our Getting Started tutorial for an elaborate and user friendly explanation on how to set that up. 

In the following zones, you'll type in the replacement text you'll want. You can add additional details into the replacement field too, such as business hours of when you want your customers to contact that region contact information. If you need to remove a zone contact change, simply use the scroll bar and scroll far right to the end of your zones, and click the Delete button.  


Additional Features:

At the bottom, we also have the feature to make it so e-mails and phone numbers will become links, where the customer simply has to click it to contact you. This is toggled off by default.

Make sure before leaving the page, you Save Contacts Configuration. You can preview how it'll look on your site by either using a VPN or regional override command by using ?country_override=XX at the end of your Shopify store link.

For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us on the app main screen where it says Help Me

If you'd like to view any other of our guides, view our article listing on the right sidebar! Thank you for using the ASL app for Shopify!