Filter by Tag

WARNING:  For any filters to work, product filtering MUST be enabled by clicking the green Product Filtering button in the drop-down menu in the left sidebar.



What does Filter by Tag do?

Filter by Tag allows you to define tag-zone relationships. Select a tag and define which region it should be available in. If a product has any tag that excludes it from a region, it will not appear even if another one of its tags is available in that region.  You can choose which tags apply to which zones.

It can be accessed from the drop-down menu in the left sidebar and can be enabled by clicking the "Enabled/Disabled" near the top of the page.



How do I set it up?

Type the name of the tag in one of the empty fields under the "Tag Name" column, then choose from the drop-down menu.  If you need to add more tags to be filtered, click the first tag field and a new row should appear.



Next, choose which tags will apply to which zones by clicking the appropriate toggle buttons to the right.



If you are satisfied with the settings, click either green Save Tag Configuration button to save.


Deleting filters

A filter can be removed by clicking the red Delete button at the end of a row on the far right.


Still need help?  Please do not hesitate to click the red "Help Me" button at the top of the app interface.