Zone Configuration

Unlike many apps where rules need to be configured for each individual country, you can create a custom set of rules to apply to multiple countries by creating zones under Advanced Zone Localization. Defining zones are important in being able to utilize the features offered by our Advanced Store Localization app.


Zone Configuration can be accessed by clicking "Define Regions" under the "General" section of the drop-down menu in the left sidebar.


All countries are preloaded into a default zone named Zone One (Catch-all), visible at the bottom left corner of the page.


Creating Zones

Your first step will be to create one or more zones as per your specific requirements. 

Click the blue "Add Custom Zone" button to create a blank container that will hold the countries in the zone you wish to create. 

Next, enter a name for the zone in the Zone Name field.

Clicking the button beside the box will prompt you to delete the zone. Once you confirm you want to delete the zone, all countries in that container are returned to the Default Zone.

All blank zones are cleared when the form is saved.

Each container also has a search box that filters country names as you type.

You can add and remove countries by dragging and dropping them between containers.

Containers can be sorted by dragging them using the double-arrow symbol at the top.

Click the "Save Zones Configuration" button to save your work.

If you create many zones that overflow the page, this view is scrollable to the left and right.

Zone Templates

In order to help speed up the task of creating zones, we have included a few Zone Templates which you can access by clicking the "Add Zone from Template" button in yellow. This will reveal a button row with some pre-created lists.

Zone Templates


Clicking them will quickly add these zones for your convenience.


Blocking Visitors

Once you have added one or more zones, the Zone Blocking configuration region will be revealed. 

Here you have the option of selecting one of your regions to be designated as a Block Zone. All traffic from the countries in that list will be dealt with in one of two ways. 

  1. Immediate Redirection to a URL

  2. Optional redirection to the URL they came from (in case they came from a link). If this isn"t available, this will fall back to the configured URL.

You can also configure a URL on your site in the Redirect (to URL) field (For example an explanation page that you don"t serve the customers area). Visitors from blocked zones will be allowed to view that page. Any links/menu items they click on will redirect them back to that page.

All of these fields will be saved automatically and a Configuration Saved notification in green will appear in the top right corner as confirmation.


Still need help?  Please do not hesitate to click the red "Help Me" button at the top of the app interface.