What is the Advanced Store Localization App?

The Advanced Store Localization app is a flexible geo-targeting / geofencing solution for Shopify stores, allowing store owners to set country-specific products, pages, and currency, displaying content based on the shopper"s country.

Hide products on your Shopify for specific countries!

Hide entire collections on your Shopify for specific countries!

Dozens of features!


For each zone, you can:

  • Select which products are displayed
  • Auto-redirect between regional products & collections
  • Filter per-product or by collections, types, vendors, tags
  • Select which pages are displayed
  • Block visitors based on their location
  • Country redirect
  • Multi-Store redirection
  • Display localized phone numbers and email addresses
  • Reorganize content on the page to mask localization effects
  • Display/Hide page sections per region
  • Execute custom JS

Create unlimited geolocation rules based on customer location


Geo-Targeting Currency

For each zone, the store owner can:

Select a currency for the visitor

Hide the currency selector to prevent the visitor changing currency assigned

Allow for smart detection of visitor-preferred currency (if user chooses a currency manually, it allows them to keep it).