Multi-Store Redirection

If you have multiple different stores set up for regional stores, you can configure region-based redirects here!

If a region has a configured value here, all other rules will be ignored and the visitor will be immediately bounced out of this store. Users will be redirected to the exact URL as entered here. This configuration assumes that URLs don"t match between the domains.

This feature can be accessed from the Localization section of the drop-down menu in the left sidebar and can be enabled by clicking the "Enabled/Disabled" button near the top of the page.



If you have multiple domains pointing to this store, use the "Multi-Domain/Lang-Paths" feature instead, which can be found under "Localization" in the drop-down menu.


If you would like to keep URL parameters such as UTM codes on redirect, enter them in the "Keep parameters on redirect" field.


Now enter the URLs for the stores in the appropriate fields as shown below.

If you are satisfied with the settings, click the green Save Store Links Configuration button to save!


Still need help?  Please do not hesitate to click the red "Help Me" button at the top of the app interface.